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We will open our doors again in 2018; places are limited and so you should book early to avoid disappointment. Please also remember that our school is only for students aged 8 - 17.

You can join our programme from 8th July - 19th August 2018. You can also benefit from cheaper, mid-week, flights if you would prefer.

Our price is fully inclusive, with the opportunity to add extras if you wish.

There are no hidden costs that you will have to pay; everything is included in one price. If you want to, you can book optional extra activities during your stay, but nothing is compulsory.

The final price for you will depend on how many weeks you study with us, whether you choose to take the Exam Preparation lessons, and whether you need an airport transfer service. Please contact us with all your details and we will give you a quote according to your needs.

Our enrolment form is below or, if you just want some more information, you can email

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Enrolment Form
/enrəʊlmənt fɔ:m/

Please be careful when giving us your personal information, and make sure that everything is correct. The information you give us should be the same as the information in your passport, or on your national identity card.

What is your name?
When were you born?
Are you male or female?
What is your nationality?
What language do you normally speak?
What is your passport number?

We need contact information so that we can communicate with you, both now and in the future. Please check your emails regularly as we will correspond in this way. Also, please be sure to tell us if you change your mobile telephone number at any time.

What is your mobile telephone number?
What is your email address?
What is your address in your home country?

Your next-of-kin is the person we should contact if there is an emergency; it is not important whether this person speaks English or not. Your next-of-kin would normally be a member of your family; a parent or close relative.

What is your next-of-kin's full name?
What relation is this person to you?
What is this person's mobile telephone number?
What is this person's email address?

These questions are about your health and any medical conditions that you have. It is important that you tell us about anything that might affect you, so that we can help if necessary.

Please remember that we will keep this information private and not share it with anybody else. However, it is important that you tell us anything that could be important.

It is important to understand that the school is a smoke-free zone; smoking is forbidden in all places, at all times.

Are you allergic to anything?
Do you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of?
Is there any food or drink that you cannot have?
Is there any medicine that you MUST take?
Is there any medicine that you MUST NOT take?

It is now time to tell us which programme you would like to join; you can choose the best dates for you because the programme is the same.

Please remember that we have limited availability and nationality restrictions, so we cannot guarantee to have availability for your first choice. However, we will tell you as soon as we receive your information whether places are available.

When would you like to study, and for how long?
Would you like to join our Exam Preparation classes?

It is important that we know you are safe when travelling to us, and back home again. We will organise an airport transfer for you, unless you are travelling with family, for example.

How will you travel to our school?

Would you like to take advantage of our free airport transfer service on departure?

Please tick this box to confirm that you have read, and agree to, the school's Terms & Conditions.

How did you find out about us?
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